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The Story of

Maggie Miley

How it all began...

      Like everything that has to do with Ireland, there is a story. This one is how Maggie Miley's Irish Pub began. During the early 1900's, Newlyweds Maggie and Michael Miley departed Cork, Ireland along with a wave of irish families to seek their fortunes in America. Michael, a skilled craftsman, was quickly hired on with the railroad, which found him a position in McLean County.
      Numerous Irish immigrants had settled in Normal, Illinois to work for the railroad. Maggie always enjoyed entertaining both friends and co-workers with freshly prepared Irish dishes from home and offering up libations for all. Those that knew Maggie cherished the hospitality she displayd. Believing she could capitalize on the opportunity, she wanted to build a pub that would capture the Irish culture for all to experience.
      Unfortunately, in 1866, the town of Normal had passed an ordinance prohibiting the sale of alcohol. Unable to fulfill her dream, they eventually moved south, settling in St. Louis, Missouri in an area known as Kerry Patch with other Irish immigrants, and soon began raising a family. The ordinance lasted for over 100 years until it was repealed in 1973. She was never able to build her pub in the town of Normal.


The Pub...

      Years later, Maggie's great grandson, along with his two partners, decided to build a pub so all could experience some of the fine virtues of Ireland. Their vision was to replicate an authentic Irish Pub, one that would have made Maggie proud.
      The design of our pub was produced by a company from Dublin, Ireland. All the millwork, including the bars were crafted by Irish carpenters on the east coast and shipped to Normal where it was assembled on site.
      The Cottage side represents her traditional irish heritage, and the Victorian side reflects her ability to seek and find fortune. Many of the artifacts, or bric-a-brac, came straight from Ireland and took some time to compile. If you have any questions regarding the pub, please talk to a member of our friendly staff, or see Peter, our General Manager, a native of Dublin, Ireland.


Our Promise...

      We are committed to providing you great food, a perfect pour, and outstanding service. We strive to offer a fun, warm and friendly environment. On behalf of Maggie Miley, we welcome you to our pub. Relax and enjoy the taste of Ireland!

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